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Quote ConnoteQuotes from 2005/06

  1. “Do you think they will be pissed off if I keep in-swinging it heaps & keep getting their toes?” -The King’s upbeat ahead of his net-bowling to Black Caps for the first NZ-WI test
  2. “I was so hot that I once got my shirt ripped off at a party” -S Naidu about his experiences
  3. “That’s the difference between ‘The King’ batting sensibly and having a free license: Rather than blocking all, he just blocks five and takes a single off the last ball” -K Williams about  The King’s batting against Uni
  4. “Guys, we needs to aim for that 5th spot. It’s definitely not what we want but its better than what we are going to get” -K Baker, 1st grade captain, about the team’s chances
  5. “Cricket is more of an individual game, not a team game” -J Healey’s thoughts
  6. “Well, I think I should just go for a smash because I know I never throw my wicket away” -M Scott about himself
  7. “You’ll be fine. Just don’t tell them you are a Christian!” -R Dantra about J Gutla’s prospects with chicks at clubbing
  8. “You coaches get to have all the umbrellas and  jackets while we all stand here and shiver” -An anonymous Nursery cricketer
  9. “You are not a man until you use chap-stick” -K Williams
  10. “Gutla is Black! Gutla’s always been black!” -K Williams referring to J Gutla’s [Team] color

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