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JuniorsJunior Skills Programme


Former Junior Skills Programme Manager Anthony Bowler and Life Member and Former Programme Co-ordinator Mark Benefield with some of the boys and girls from the 2015/2016 intake.



5 – 7 year old boys and girls


Welcome to the start of the 2019 season. We are now pleased to announce that our junior development skills programme based on Fundamental Movement Skills for Year 1 and 2 boys and girls will continue this season. Those who completed year 1 of the programme last year can either choose to play Saturday morning Year 3 cricket or continue onto year 2 of the Junior Skills Programme. Those boys and girls just starting out will join year 1 of the programme.

Children will develop their cricket, movement and technical skills through fun games and activities. The skills your children learn can also be incorporated into day to day life and transferred to other sporting codes. 

The programme will be led by coaches from the Senior Club, many of whom were involved in a similar coaching program when they were starting off. 

Parents are encouraged to get involved with their child’s development and incorporate the activities we run in the Junior Skillls programme at home in the backyard.

Sessions will begin on 1st November 2019 and the final Pre-Christmas session will be on the 20th of December. They will be held on Friday evenings from 5 – 6:30 pm at our home ground Michaels Avenue. Sessions start back again in early February, running until late March, but the exact dates will be confirmed once the Summer Council Bookings are released at the end of September. The subscription is only $100 for the Junior Skills Programme. All playing gear is provided.

Children can also join the programme at any stage during the season with subscriptions reducing to $80 from December or $50 from February 2020. These registration options will show up closer to the time. 

The Ellerslie Cricket Club Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple. We are a community and family orientated cricket club and exist to nurture and support our members to achieve their potential. We focus on both their personal and playing development and in turn we hope that our members will remain loyal to our Club and support the Ellerslie community.

There are many benefits to joining the Ellerslie Cricket Club Junior Skills Programme including:

It helps to develop a child’s fundamental movement skills. These are critical to establishing the foundation for participation in sport and physical activity.

It improves a child’s ability to dodge, run, dive, be agile and sharpens reflexes

The children have FUN!

It increases concentration and the ability to think tactically and strategically

Children learn how to be part of a team

They meet, engage and become friends with children from other schools in the area

It develops great hand/eye co-ordination and skills

It develops decision making

It promotes sportsmanship and fair play

Children learn self-control, respect for others and develop integrity

They become part of the Ellerslie Cricket Community

Must know information:

For many of you and your children the Ellerslie Junior Skills Programme will be your first introduction to cricket.


Friday 1st November – Friday 20th November (7 sessions)
Early February to Late March – actual dates TBC.


Each Friday night of a school week.


Michaels Ave Reserve


We start at 5.00pm and finish sometime between 6.15pm to 6.30pm


White shorts and white ‘T’ shirt (You can buy a Club shirt if you wish, but it is not compulsory as at this age they can change their minds!)

A hat

The ground will be hard so please make sure all children wear sports shoes please.

Bring a jersey as it can get cold especially at the start of the season


All equipment is provided.


Will be listed on the Club website after 4.00pm at and an email will be sent out as well.

We will always endeavour to play and sometimes it is a 50/50 call, so please be patient.


Cricket is a very hard game to learn and at Ellerslie we adopt a fundamental skills based programme endorsed by New Zealand Cricket.

Our programme will provide your child with all the necessary skills to be able to play cricket. The skills are transferable and give children the foundation blocks to be able to catch, jump, run, strike and throw.

Your child will be placed into a team on the first night named after a well-known ‘Black Cap’.

In the first part of the session Senior Club players take the children through fun skills and activity stations.

Mid way through we stop for a break and the children have the opportunity to purchase a sausage and a drink from our BBQ.

The second part of the session involves modified games based on the skills learnt that night. As the season progresses and when the children are ready we move to a more structured game where they will compete against a team batting, bowling and fielding.

Parental support and involvement is essential during the evening. In the first session we require a parent to accompany a team and in the second session we need parents to assist in running the games. PLEASE get involved.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

Ellerslie Cricket Club Junior Development Manager
Hassan Azad (arriving from the UK in October)
Mobile – TBC

Club Manager

Corey Parr-Thomson
Mobile: 021 873 150



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